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2003-09-29 || a short decription of this entry
Soundtrack � Matthew Shipp - Magnetism

There was an 11 on the clock upon falling asleep last night, which is rare. I ended up waking up right when my alarm went of at 7, unlike my usual waking up around 8:30 when I finally hear it. I slept off and on throughout the night, waking to hear the bugs and birds outside the window that lull me to sleep each night. The faint sound of the music on the TV set. I�ve started a ritual since April 14th (yes that was the exact date), of putting the TV on one of those cable music stations that just plays music, with nothing on the screen. There is a specific shirt I put over the TV set to cut down on the glare. I even bring this shirt with me when I go away specifically for putting it over the TV set in the motel/hotel room. I can�t sleep without some sort of noise, or else the ringing in my ears will drive me crazy. Sometimes though, the clicking of the ceiling fan will drive me crazy. Anyway, I woke up, and ended up late for work anyway, as I watched the film �Downtown 81� with Jean Michael Basquait, which for some reason was on at 7:30 this morning.

Saturday, I pretty much did exactly what I did last Saturday, literally right down to the places I ate. This Saturday I am going to go somewhere different I swear to fucking god.

Friday there was a small get together at a house, which I lasted a couple of hours at. I have nothing in common with anyone common.

You would think that someone was giving money away. You would think that love was the �be all end all� of life. You would think that a person couldn�t be anymore predictable, yet once they seem to get a little bit of vagina all over their face, they become a new person. A NEW CAR! I sit there staring off into space wondering what I could possibly turn into if I became domesticated. I could sit there and talk about weddings. I could remember what it�s like to go with a woman to shop for shoes, or clothes. Any woman who drags their boyfriend/husband to go clothes shopping should be chopped in half. Any guy who puts up with that should have his penis removed�and vice versa. I can�t imagine dragging someone along with me to somewhere they obviously don�t want to go! It�s funny how many lies men tell their women, it�s definitely more than women tell. Here are the top 5 lies men tell women:

1) I really want to go with you to the mall

2) You�re not fat

3) I would never cheat on you

4) I�ve only had sex with 3 or 4 girls before you

5) Wow, that�s really interesting, what you just said

Yesterday, Dan, Crystal and I went to buy some pumpkins (my idea � yes, I can go from saying how much I want to kill everyone in the world, to going to buy pumpkins at a little farm with a llama and a buffalo in the back), and then to a small little barbecue restaurant which was pretty damn good. My opinion of corn bread has gone way down in recent years for some reason. I want to like it, I just haven�t been able to. Perhaps because it�s usually after a big meal of meat and carbohydrates?

Speaking of meat�so I�m out to dinner at a table for 8 the other night. People on the other end of the table, and I started to make this point, but I couldn�t as it was too hard at the time for some reason. Anyhow, they were talking about beef tongue, and brains, etc and how gross it is. I was saying: why let yourself be conditioned that beef from any other part of a cow isn�t any more disgusting? Why are chicken breasts, legs etc. �normal�, when more disgusting things than any of those end up in hot dogs and sausage anyway? Why? Because my friends are fucking morons I guess, and I hope all of them get killed. Just kidding. OMG LOL

I was thinking recently, if I can get away with it somehow, sending a video copy of the airplanes crashing into the WTC on 9/11 to America�s Funniest Home Videos.

I watched the first part of the Blues thing on PBS last night. The main guy in it, Corey, is one of our artists actually. He traveled to Mississippi, and Africa etc. to trace the roots of the blues. Some of the old black men he interviewed in Mississippi reminded me of the old men I met on the train years ago I traveled with for a couple of days. They would get me drunk and tell me stories of the civil rights movement, and having to use different water fountains, and how they would spit on the �whites only� fountains on occasion, which I thought was pretty funny. Anyway, those men were some of the coolest guys I ever met, and they could possibly be in heaven now. Eh.

I can play guitar better than Jimi Hendrix.

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