Oh Joy!
2003-09-26 || The Temple of Gloom
Soundtrack � Television � Adventure

The networks at work have been dead all day today. We have internet connection now though, which is vaguely exciting. I went CD shopping, and for coffee today, that�s about it. It�s quite pleasant to have no access to e-mail sometimes. It�s like being on vacation from the world. Like I want to e-mail people about eating pussy and what the best Whote Stripes record is.

There is a certain level of volume that music can�t be at for me to concentrate. Well, music with recognizable melody and lyrics. I can�t listen to anything one could hum if I need to concentrate, or when I write at home. (I just imagined having my head cut off with a sword). Right now, although a great record, it�s over that level, so I can�t think straight and I feel neurotic. When I write late at night, I mean write, not in this thing, which is basically a series of lies and half-truths, attention getting sentences, button- pushing sentiments, but for myself, I need to listen to music. Generally I need to have cacophonous music on to concentrate. John Coltrane in 1967, Albert Ayler, Beefheart, Varese, Zorn, etc.

6 black people work here, one of them is gay, and French. I call him �three strikes�.

So last night I go to sell some used CD�s at Strawberries, which I just found out is pretty good for that. They give you top dollar, and�yeah. So I see they have some pre-order thing for the upcoming Indiana Jones DVD series. I ask the kid at the counter if one can buy them separately. He informs me that you have to buy the whole set, and I should pre-order it for $5.00. I don�t want the three I tell him. He says I can win it if I pre-order it. I say no thanks, he pushes again. I then pull my .357 out and blow his faggy little brains all over the 50 Cent display behind him. No, I refuse, and leave. I then wonder why anyone would want to even own those movies on DVD. I would maybe like to see that first one again, but we all know anything that has the name �George Lucas� on it is going to suck pretty bad once a person matures with age and gets some taste�So do I have to rent the whole box set if I want to see it again? I think it�s safe to say most people have shitty taste in everything.

I just heard that the group America is at the Topsfield Fair this year. If my friends go and see that, I�ll be convinced they drink sperm on a daily basis.

�can a nigga get a table dance?!�

Looks like Robert Palmer had a bad case of loving you.

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