Oh Joy!
2003-09-30 || craig kilborn
soundtrack � Husker Du � Warehouse: Songs and Stories

It is fucking cold tonight, you fucking asshole.

We got another review of the record today, albeit a shitty one, but whatever�That�s okay, we just won�t share our cocaine with them when we are playing Madison Square Garden.

Speaking of cocaine, George Bush signed the �Do Not Call� list today. See, he�s done some good things. He gave all of that money to AIDS in Africa, he killed the Hussein sons.

Some other silly things in the news that caught my eye in the last few days. A gorilla broke loose out of a zoo here in Boston, and threw a little black baby around. Aarne pointed out, not to be racist but�well, forget it. I was saying how unlike Hollywood the whole thing was, as in Hollywood when a gorilla escapes madcap zaniness usually ensues.

A man is going to go diving to look for the Loch Ness Monster�apparently so he can come up with�nothing.

There is some sort of �big cat� on the loose the next town over from me, no shit. It apparently ripped a deer apart, and someone saw a �big cat� a few weeks before that happened. I enjoy the woods outside my window.

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