Oh Joy!
2003-07-28 || use the expression "hispanic pussy" in a sentence
soundtrack � Miles Davis � In a Silent Way

Hot outside. Nelly would tell us to strip. Funny, the girl at Starbucks wears a band-aid on her nose, as I think they have to cover nose rings.

Just ventured to a going away cookout/party to the apartment next door. It started out pretty good and then filled with tons of people I didn�t know and babies, and kids. I snuck back over here to get high and relax in the air conditioner for a bit though. Who likes the air conditioner.

Not much of a weekend, although I managed to hang out with 97 different people at different tables where they serve food and drinks throughout the span of two days. It�s always nice to be social and make the rounds through different groups of friends and share a cold one in this heat. It hasn�t been as oppressive here this year though.

Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

Key Largo

The people responsible for these two songs, Rupert Holmes, and Bertie Higgins respectively, should be chopped in half.

Bob Dylan agreed that Jimi Hendrix�s version of All Along the Watchtower was better than his.

How about the version of Knockin� On Heaven�s Door by the Alarm I witnessed at one point in the 80�s? Or the Guns and Roses version. At 33 years of age there is no good reason for a person to enjoy Guns and Roses anymore, the irony is tired and played out.

Kids touch cock horse cum molest drugs all night parties and whiskey.

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