Oh Joy!
2003-07-25 || i'd rather rnwicki
Soundtrack � Rinwki Azhatyni � Inti Mi Apolnjo Vol. 6

Last night the drugs made me feel paranoid and ready to shoot cops if I got pulled over. I would keep driving and be involved in one of those high speed chases until I smashed into the side of a liquor store and then had all sorts of cops with guns drawn yelling at me to get down, to which I would start doing my James Brown impression.

They wanted to go out, like a work party to dinner tonight. It was called off. I woke up this morning and said �I don�t want to laugh and tell stories and waste money on drinks I don�t want. I want to come home, watch a movie, jerk off and go to sleep. I am tired� I said that aloud.

Watched that movie Love Liza last night which made me want to huff gasoline but doubt that will happen. I think tonight I�ll watch the Monkees, I have a ton of episodes I haven�t seen yet on the box set, and I�ve only been watching movies about people not doing well. How fun can that be?

Still working on this project at work-fuck

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