Oh Joy!
2003-07-21 || I heard you got a new one, let's see it
Soundtrack � Jeff Beck � Wired

I spent way too much money on music this weekend. Without a car payment until August, and the bonus of winning $100 on a ticket, I felt justified to complete the Jesus Lizard collection, blindly buy a Gong CD, or deafly rather, some Fairport Convention, and Richard Thompson, and buy some higher grade marijuana.

The 2 homosexual men who liv3 across the compl3x from me decided it would be a good idea to blare really shitty dance music out of their expensive cars on Sunday morning�at around 9 AM. They are the worst kind of homosexual men, the Italian muscle guy gay men. Speaking of sentences with the words �gay� and �Italian� in them, they caught the 15 year old girl who beat a lesbian woman senseless on the 4th of July in East Boston who was watching the fireworks with her children and partner.

One could say Anthony Michael Hall is the worst actor of all time, or we could go with Steve Guttenberg. I remembered, last night, or yesterday rather about driving in the car with Ed and his girlfriend as a teenager. During a sober period of my teenage years he dated a friend of mine from high school. We drove around and listened to AM radio in his little Chevy hatchback thing in the early 80�s. I then got back into my punk rock friends and left Ed behind. He was too much. They set me up on a blind date for my prom�it turned out the girl had some sort of venereal disease. Thankfully I did not touch her the whole time. What was her name damn it?

Other than that, sweating in the house and going back and forth with the ceiling fan and air conditioner. Being a sloth and a waste of time. Looking at unanswered sent mails from crackled lines and people who have no communication skills. I�m practically ready to take 18 vacations at once. When I see other people doing similar things I run back inside. Why ask why? I am ready to throw the guitar through the window along with the computer, cell phone, and television. I am ready to then throw money out there on to the ground, see if the many babies who are carried by the window pick it up.

I most likely won�t end up voting in the next election, what is it next year? When I moved to Salem, they still have me as a registered Republican, I haven�t changed it since, so in essence, I voted for Bush. Heh. I wonder how many people Al Gore would have killed. I couldn�t care less who the fuck the president is at this point, I�m more interested in finding records I need, learning new scales on the guitar, or having sex with a tissue paper to worry about what country we�re invading, or what is getting cut and what is not getting cut. My philosophy: eat meat, leave my money alone, steal and lie as much as possible, let me fuck your wife. Imagine it like that? Imagine it though. Do it.

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