Oh Joy!
2003-07-21 || and then idsiappaear
Soundtrack � Fairport Convention � What we did on Our Holidays

Mexican Toothpaste Crickets.

So I drink this flat fucking watered down coffee from this morning still, here in the afternoon, and wonder what it is. There is no such thing as ADD or ADHD or whatever. I am convinced of this. I don�t want to be put on speed. I don�t want to be put on an examining table. I don�t want to be put anywhere I don�t want to be. I wonder if people who are on that drug function any more than I do. I�ve done nothing�hence this here. Cecil Taylor records distorted in the car on the way to work makes it quick and easy to get here now. I need that relaxing non-highway drive home though-somerville-medford-malden-revere-lynn-swampscott-salem. Route 93 has become a test of ones patience in the evening going northbound. I haven�t tasted it in some time now. The red lights, homeboys on the corner, conservative talk show hosts, more fuckingcigarettes and a quick stop for espresso make it much more relaxing. You can see the world in 30 minutes on that ride home. You can see the light through the eyes of teenage white boys acting out their 50-Cent fantasies, and white girls acting out their best prostitute of the month club outfits, getting home just in time for dinner. Who knew? She�ll make your dick esssplode. I watched Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant on Friday night. I love that movie more than life itself. Well, now that I�ve received the memo about purchase orders I feel a bit better. I like when he shoots the radio and starts swearing and yelling. Not much dialogue in that film, but lots of intense symbolism that I�m sure is lost on the �look at how fucked up Keitel is� crowd�. I�m sure that happens quite a bit though. FUCKH!! The guy at the party who started the fire the other night�s attempted John Mayer conversation with me. The only wonderlandesque body I know is that of Sandy Denny � that is right this minute though. I�ll keep it with mine. Yougch.

Who do you think you are. I threw scissors at her. I threatened to kill her. I did this. I did that. I hit her boyfriend with my car. All because she didn�t want to say �I love you� anymore. 14 years ago, that�s where I was at. Getting angry at girls for �screwing me over�. Nobody has stabbed me in the back since. I would like to think that they all have, and most of them did seek interests other places, but looking back, big fucking deal. Who doesn�t do that at this point? How unhealthy a relationship where you stare and stare and stare until you see a familiar reflection?

Anyone in here into Gong? What the fuck?!?

The British are a weird lot they are. Month

Oh yeah, UI o I�m tired and cdon�t give a shit about you not I! � I think he is wearing that jacket we bought him! I THINK HE IS!! HOLY GDAM FKN SHT! I WLL NOT SWEAR NO MORE ANYMORE I WILL NOT SWEAR THAT AMOUNT YOU JUST MENTIONED TO ME ABOUT IT.

�upon arriving at the house, I took off my pants�

(the first 87 GF Guided By Voices records versus the first Coldplay record on cassette) the winner is��..Jethro Tull � Heavy Horses (vinyl)

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