Oh Joy!
2003-06-23 || blacksketballplay
Soundtrack � Miles Davis � Water Babies

The number of homosexuals

The num

They said it�s going to go into the 80�s and 90�s this week. I would almost rather it keep raining, I like this cool weather. As much as I like the heat, I don�t feel like dealing with it this year.

The number of colored

They said the price would be less than it actually is, so I will probably never have any extra money now. I need to start stealing again. I need to fuck my wife in the ass.

The number of Jewish

I wish at the gig the other night they shut all the doors, and sealed the place off and filled it with Zyclon-B

The bbnumber of women

You often wonder what your husband is thinking about. You often think about what your girlfriend is thinking about. She knows that you are number one in the book. How thick is that cock on the janitor though? How tight is that secretary�s puss? If anyone actually believes that their husband or wife doesn�t want to fuck every living thing walking down the street, they are horribly misguided. I would just as soon fuck my sister if I had one, and she was good looking.

The numberssss of Hispanic

I haven�t bretehe how do you say, breathed this bad in years. I am a figgignatic piece of useless shit that will hopefully be killed in a car accident on the way home from work tonight (please?).

thisThe number of chineeese

all musisc sucks now, relayt?

The number of French people

Arrogant honkey waitresses with big tits bring shitty light beers to shaved pussied chicks I want to fuck behind the building with my gigantic black, African American stove pipe looking cock

The bnumber of irish

I had the chance the other night to strangle a human being to death behind a building and nobody would have known what was going on. He went to urinate behind the shed. It was dark, rainy. I could have went over and did it. The sky told me to do it. The ground told me to stay put and skmoke.

the number of whore

I look in the audience I see a bunch of fucking assholes with one thing in common. They sure are smart dressers. The men. I might as well have been playing to a room full of homosexuals. The men get bored. The women aren�t interested in the first place. They want to look and talk about other girls. They want to make sure they are seen. Girls want attention. All of them. IS there anything good about them?

�no� � Michael S.

fuck white people fuck white people fuck white people

why do you read this fucking diary? Get a life.

Here�s a picture of Genghis Jon, surprisingly without a cock in his mouth

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