Oh Joy!
2003-06-23 || Marty Feldmanicated
soundtrack � Cocteau Twins � Head Over Heels

no I don�t hate black people, or homosensuals, get a clue. Anyway�

Can somebody explain to me why Windows Media Player gives you the option of buying the CD you are currently listening to? I like the little picture of the record cover though, but seriously it tells you what you are listening to, and gives you the option to buy. I guess if I were borrowing it�okay whatever.

Notice I�m not at the Sonic Youth/Wilco show in Boston Massachusetts right now. Don�t ask.

I need to go out and buy all of the Cocteau Twins reissues. I sold the old versions, as I always do when they announce this shit. I�ve slacked on these though. I always forget I met them�well, I met the touring band. Elizabeth doesn�t talk to people apparently, but we went backstage when they toured with Mazzy Star. Robin Guthrie didn�t even come out�we did meet bassist Simon though.

It�s kind of odd meeting musical idols. I guess at the time of the above mentioned meeting I was used to it, as our dad worked in the record business (A & M/IRS) in the 70�s when we lived in Los Angeles. As little boys we met: Styx, Supertramp, The Tubes, The Cramps, Captain and Tennille, amongst other 70�s crap...(well, I would omit the Cramps from that statement�and maybe the Tubes, as White Punks on Dope is one of the best songs of the 70�s imho). Later on we met all of New Order except Bernie, and in the last few years, by my own, I�ve met other musical idols like Marc Ribot, Mike from Phish, Al from moe., Buzz from the Melvins, Henry Rollins, Scott from Anthrax, Kurt Cobain, John and Chris from Medeski, Martin, and Wood, and of course the man who produced our record, and who we opened for the other night, Steve from Today is the Day. It�s kind of cool how these later ones seemed more like people than �stars� to me. Perhaps because I�m older, or because I don�t really value autographs, and worshipping. I don�t really consider these people idols, but rather influences on my tastes in music, as well as influences in what I play personally. Enough name dropping.

The TV keeps showing me that Attention Deficit Disorder commercial, as I have these 6 employee reviews due in 8 days, and I�m typing about how cool I am that I shook a rock stars hand at one point.

I do feel �normal� tonight though, as opposed to this morning.

hOW do you feel of the bag of water they don�t find

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