Oh Joy!
2003-06-23 || someone typing "little boy cock" and finding my diary
soundtrack � Miles Davis � On the Corner

Thunder and Lightning storms this evening. I barely left the house today, which is okay with me. After a few days in a row of being out and about, I need to come home. We had the gig last night. It went okay until I broke a string on the guitar. I was kind of high, so I didn�t really play any good notes on the guitar in my opinion, we did make a few people walk out of the room though, so that is a success in itself right there, as we got paid, and they paid money, so who�s the real asshole here?

Tomorrow night I�m going to see Sonic Youth and Wilco. I kind of wish I wasn�t, as I�m not really in the mood to watch people play guitars and sing music. As long as it�s not raining, I probably won�t even sit in my seats and watch the show. I can�t remember the last time I actually cared about seeing the band at any gig. I�d rather just walk around and listen to the music. Anytime a spectacle is involved I�m immediately turned off, this is why the notion of seeing the Flaming Lips live sounds about as exciting as having my penis bitten off by a prostitute with a mouthful of whiskey and salt.

I hope George Bush brings us to Iran next. The world domination tour continues.

the question of the moment: �If Paris Hilton were on fire, how would you put her out?�

my answer: �with my urine�

here is the band last night

here is the other band, led by our buddy Steve

A drunk with a pony tail, glasses, and an eyebrow ring almost got stabbed to death last night.

I have �Jerry Guitar syndrome�, this is when you gain so much weight that when you play the guitar, the guitar is ten feet away from you

I also have come to the conclusion that this is the end of this pathetic Sunday.

before & after