Oh Joy!
2003-06-19 || the rabbiyt
Soundtrack � Miles Davis � In a Silent Way

It�s cloudy and rainy again today, they said this will last through next Tuesday. Of course when you see any human being the first thing they talk about is �all this damn rain�. I�m at the point where I don�t even give a fuck what it is outside anymore. As long as it�s not raining green paint or anything, I think we should be okay. I wonder how the community of people with sunroofs is doing now though. Poor them.

Because of homosexuality, you are Elizabeth.

I�ve named the rabbit that frequents the backyard �Pancake�. He is the same shade as pancakes. I recently deleted the pictures of him from my camera. Now I wish I had kept them. When he returns this weekend, I will snap some more of him. This is kind of what he looks like, although a little smaller�

The show last night was pretty good, with John Scofield holding too much of a resemblance to Robert Duvall for me to feel that comfortable.

MMW was great as usual too. I like going to that place, as you can sit at tables and smoke cigarettes and see the stage just as well as you can from your seats. Plus, you don�t have people touching you or sitting right next to you. I want to get to the point where I hate when people walk by me.

Saturday is the Summer Solstice. The band has a gig.

You have milk on the floo

Fuck thi

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