Oh Joy!
2003-06-18 || Ronnie James Dio vs Genghis Jon
Soundtrack � Dizzy Gillespie and the Double Six of Paris featuring Bud Powell

�Do not smoke marijuana and then go to the CD store� something I�ve told myself over and over for years now. Last night I did not tell myself this, and I suffered for it.

So I go in there to look for some new CD�s, and I�m over in the jazz section and remember I read a review of this newer Boston Jazz Trio who, according to the article �have reinvented jazz�. A bold statement generally reserved for titans like Miles, Coltrane, Dizzy, Satchmo, etc. The only thing I remembered about the band was that they did a cover of that famous Nirvana song. They have one of those computers you can look things up on in the store. Unfortunately, it�s in the wide open now. I was not about to go over to it and stand there with �Smells Like Teen Spirit� up on the screen. �Look for versions of this song� you know�My reputation would be immediately ruined if that happened. I can imagine now, one of the millions of adoring fans I have walking up and seeing that I am trying to find out �who did that song Smells Like Teen Spirit�.

I decided to just look through every single jazz CD in the store and maybe find it, as the name would jump out at me immediately if I saw it. I did not find anything remotely close�however; I went over to Barnes and Noble and found it on the listening station. I didn�t have to worry about looking cool or not in there though. I just had to look like one of those assholes that listen to things at listening stations. If I were president, people that used listening stations would be killed. This little person agrees with me

Tonight, although it�s raining, I am going to part of the Boston Globe Jazz Festival to see John Scofield, and Medeski, Martin and Wood. Should be a good evening. We will thank the Lord Jesus Christ if it stops raining.

Today, the company is laying off a guy who works for me, so this is a particularly shitty day at work. He was just in here and has no idea that this is going to happen. He�s been here for over 10 years, he�s in his 50�s, and was once homeless and got himself back on his feet, and now we are going to let him go. Fuck.

My search for an SUV is going quite well I might add.

I bought the new Type-O Negative CD last night, which has a pretty funny song about gay people on it. Heh.

It�s raining men, hallelujah

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