Oh Joy!
2003-04-21 || John Lithgow, Ruth Buzzi, and Osama Bin Laden walk into Jerry Garcia's soul, and turn into a rainbow dove, flying around Jupiter
soundtrack � Peter Tosh � Equal Rights

Here�s what needs to happen at some point:

Jackson Browne needs to be thrown in a vat of very very very very very hot maple syrup along with 1980�s era Art Garfunkel.

Prime Minister Jean Chretien needs to be held down and sodomized with a poolstick by Saddam Hussein.

I need to fuck Carson Daly, as my first homoerotic experience.


It is warm here today. At least in the room it is. It is sunny, and there is a big marathon happening here in Boston today. I am far far away from that though. We have no work today because of Patriots Day. This was the day we killed a bunch of British I guess? I have no idea why this is a holiday in Massachusetts, regardless, we have it off. I am stupid. Tell me about it. Like, yeah.

At some point today I am going to pick up the Richard Pryor box set at the shop my brother works at. 40 dollars for a 9 CD set of Richard Pryor, you can�t go wrong with that, and being a black man myself, I feel it�s my duty.

I took a picture of myself in the neck pickup of my 71 Thinline Telecaster see how black I am?

Speaking of black people like me, MC Lyte is on Jenny Jones right now. How the fuck old is she now? Are we sure that�s not Rosa Parks up on my TV set? She still has a little flow though.

A scientist from Iraq said they actually started destroying chemical weapons days before the war started. Perhaps Bush was correct? The dreadheads and French would never admit that though. I haven�t made much of a stink personally. I could care less what the politicians do, I don�t vote for them, and won�t in the future. Let them spend my money on something good though, like a big park where naked men and women walk around and whistle Crosby Still and Nash songs.

Bush is another word for �cunt�

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