Oh Joy!
2003-04-21 || Hope Sandoval, Winona Ryder, and Thom Yorke walk into a pit of alligators, and the world keeps spinning
soundtrack � Herbie Hancock � Fat Albert Rotunda

For some reason unknown to me, I could probably listen to the theme music from Barney Miller continuously for three or four hours without growing tired of it. Perhaps I will make a loop of it, and do that. That would be a good experiment. Play that song over and over again for 24 hours straight. Don�t eat, don�t go to sleep, don�t do anything but sit in your car at the beach listening to that over and over on headphones. You have to admit that the drumbeat for that song is fucking thick. It�s more in the pocket than John Starks could ever imagine to be.

So what�s with the half naked vampire chicks from Brazil on that Fotolog website? There are like 30 of them, and they all look the same.

I just watched a documentary in VH-1 about the guy who started Girls Gone Wild. If anyone needs to be shot in the face with one of those bean bag stun guns, it�s that guy.

How fucking intense is this cracker serving dish motherfucker?

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