Oh Joy!
2003-04-22 || Noam Chomsky, Ronald McDonald, and R2D2 walk into a taping of TRL and immediately start conjouring the soul of Jim Morrison
Soundtrack � Ben Webster � Ben Webster and Associates

Back in work finally. Long weekend with Easter, and less stomach illness. What a waste of time Easter is. We got invites to see family but I ignored it and made believe I didn�t get the invite. I have no desire to see these people really. We had a smaller affair at my grandmothers with my brother and mother instead. I found a bug in my water and freaked out. I refuse to ever eat anything that I don�t cook again after all of this. We argued with my grandmother about politics, well I shut up pretty much, as I don�t really have an opinion either way. They could kill Bush and I wouldn�t care, or he could be the president for the rest of my life and I wouldn�t care either. Whatever. George Bush has no effect on what�s being reissued on Verve this year. George Bush has no effect on my guitar playing, and George Bush doesn�t have any effect on the drugs that I do, especially since I�ve taken to growing it now�so why even put energy that way? I�d rather put my energy into music and thinking about me and only me at this point. I lost interest in the war weeks ago.

Ignorance is bliss, yes.

We are playing a show with a flamboyant group of men on Saturday night evidently.

Today I have no coffee in work. Ice cold water.

If my guitar sounds like shit again tonight, I will vomit.

I should wait, I'm obviously in a shitty mood. Tomorrow I will be a liberal.

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