Oh Joy!
2003-03-13 || a dazed and confused c everett coop walks out of a jethro tull concert with a bottle of wild turkey
Soundtrack � Catherine Wheel � Ferment

One of the more exciting things to happen in my day to day life is coming into work and not seeing the little red light on my phone on. This is what happened this morning, as I wrap a ton of things up to prepare for my going away tomorrow afternoon. I realized last night was the last time I would sleep in my own bed until March 24th�well, not really, as I�ll come home from New Jersey for one night, and go away the next morning.

Last night we had practice for the last time in a week and a half or so, we played quite possibly the worst version of Doug Henning I think I have ever heard. I�ve reached a plateau, and need to start practicing more, as right now, I suck and do the same thing over and over and over and over and over. Usually, I never think I�m bad at anything, I never say I�m great at anything either, but for the most part I don�t grade myself. Right now I need to be graded.

I wonder how many times that Elizabeth Smart girl did it with that man on their little trip? Anything to get our minds off of the fact that we are going to blast the living piss out of Iraq on Tuesday morning. I think it�s kind of silly how folks are jumping to so many conclusions already about the whole thing. But I guess it is a new thing for people to talk about and pick apart.

I want to do something big so I can get on the TV and have people question why I did what I did, etc. It seems pretty easy for a person to do something though. I could buy a gun. I could walk into Wal-Mart. Before I would go I would do some research and find out what the biggest mass murder by gun was, and maybe try to beat it. It seems whenever these happen, it�s always smaller than you think. �Oh, he only killed 4 people but wounded 6?�

I have this overwhelming desire to wash my car, as it seems like it will run better if I do.

I bought the new Joe Jackson CD on Tuesday, as he got his band back together that he had on his first three records, which are superb records (note: that is the first, and presumably last time I have ever used the word �superb� while not doing an over exaggerated impression of a flamboyant homosexual drama teacher). I still need to hear it a couple more times, but it�s pretty good, and the guy across the parking lot that works in the recording studio mixed it. He also mixed some Radiohead, The Cure, Throwing Muses, Belly, and a million other records�hence his brand new Volvo I guess.

Dan just sent me a website that was making fun of makeout club�.that is some funny shit. The guy who started that used to work with me here. Funny, he has a number of �white power� tattoos on his arms, I wonder if they�re covered up now?

I made dinner late last night so I could bring lunch to work. Currently, the food is still sitting in my refrigerator, goddamn it.

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