Oh Joy!
2003-03-14 || they are shovels, for real
Soundtrack � Camper Van Beethoven � Telephone Free Landslide Victory

It�s odd how the day goes from cold to warm from snowy traffic and ice and crowds and rushing and phone calls and running out of money to something completely opposite.

It�s 1:17 AM, and I do not have one thing packed, I do not have the maps printed, I do not have any CD�s picked out (the most important part of any trip), I don�t have the mix CD�s done yet. I am however, drinking a 20 oz iced coffee and feeling particularly high right now. Not from drugs though.

At the beginning of the week, I was thinking who I could borrow money from to pay rent in the band rehearsal room, who I could borrow money from for the hotel, and for gas, and food, tolls, etc for the weekend. On Monday I had about 41 dollars.

On Wednesday, my boss surprised me with talk of my raise next week, and an added bonus�a bonus, that he would give me Friday, before I left. Cool, everything was great now in that department. I now had more than enough money to do this. I even told Dan I wanted to leave some of it with him as I didn�t want to carry a ton of cash with me this weekend.

Tonight, I had $12 left from dinner, and needed cigarettes. I bought the $4.92 pack of cigarettes, and debated on spending the last $7.00 on 2 scratch tickets. I didn�t need to, but what the hell. So I bought 2. The first one, nothing. The second one looked bad at first, but then upon further inspection�$500. Holy fucking goddamned shit fuck! I brought it up to the woman, and she made me wait a few minutes for some other woman to come in before she could give me the money. In the meantime, one of my old best friends walked in, who is now a policeman, in his uniform and everything, and I sat there and chatted with him for a few minutes as we threw names at each other. He told me of his marriage, and new condo in his shiny policeman uniform. My friend had a gun. I had a pack and a half of cigarettes and a card that said I was the proud new owner of 500 dollar bills. He could have shot me with the gun. I had the money, he had the condo and the wife, and the gun. I have half a condo, the money, and no marijuana. One of the last times I saw him I had just bought an ounce. I remember feeling guilty in a way. Tonight I felt okay though, as I was completely sober, and was able to talk to him.

I have to wake up soon, this is no way to prepare. Someone searched "Olsen Twins smoking" and found me. wtf?

This is quite possibly the last entry in here until the equinox on Thursday..actually, that's not right...

I�ll be right back

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