Oh Joy!
2003-03-11 || the other hit thomas dolby had (actually better than the blinded me with science one)
Soundtrack � Dead Can Dance � Into the Labyrinth

I just watched part of that pyramid thing on Discover, so of course I had to put this CD on.

Today, the government told me they have frozen a savings account I forgot I had, until I pay them in 60 days. As long as they don�t take the house, I�m happy. I owe them a big $153 or something, what�s the big deal. This is the State of MA. I should say �I smoke, and pay enough fucking taxes from that you motherfuckers�. Or, I could just be grown up, and pay them their shitty money, and continue to drive on their shitty roads, and pay high taxes on everything else, and not be allowed to smoke in public, and, and, and become a cranky person who complains about local government.

I could be Kenny Rogers in another lifetime.

I�m nervous about meeting new people, and being in a group, which I never do well in. Whereas I am a current non-drinker, this will make it even more challenging. Being happy about being off work for 10.5 days will be good though.

Tonight, practice was good, and we made a decision to print the new CD ourselves, rather than wait around for someone to do it for us. I don�t want to be a leader, even if I was born in November.

When I am done with vacations, I will go to the doctor and say: �I can�t concentrate on one thing for more than a minute or so at work without being distracted, I can�t stop spending money, sometimes in work someone says something to me, and I completely don�t hear them even though I�m looking them in the eye, I can�t sit still, I cannot organize, I answer questions before they are done being asked, I am constantly restless and unsatisfied, and I can�t sleep, yet I�m always exhausted. I don�t want to take drugs though, can you help?�

Don�t blame things on others

Don�t blame things on drugs

Don�t blame things on money you don�t think you make

Don�t blame your parents

Blame your first girlfriend, Jerry Garcia, and Gandhi.

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