Oh Joy!
2003-03-10 || take care of yer shoes
Soundtrack � Bill Monroe � Anthology

Too much sugar in the coffee, which tastes like it is burned anyway, is not a good start to a Monday morning. I saw the look in the eye of the boy making my coffee and knew it would not be good. This is what happens when you make your debut at �Bagel Doctor� I guess. I will start the Dunkin Donuts thing again tomorrow.

I�m writing too much in this thing as of late, which is making the other writing suffer I think. I hate writing lyrics to songs, or rather, I hate singing. I especially hate singing other people�s lyrics�such as the New Order song we are attempting, the lyrics are kind of silly.

Trying to will something to happen is an interesting thing to do. Stare at something for a while and will it to do something. It never works. This is why I have no beliefs in things I can�t see with my eyes. I don�t want to not be able to control something, and I don�t want to look up to something, or anyone for that matter. Not in a worshipful way anyway.

It�s funny that I read back on some of the old stuff here, and I can�t imagine anyone wanting to meet me in person. I can�t imagine anyone would take me seriously, and I can�t imagine the ************.

Today I have a million voicemails from radio stations, and best of all, a guy who has called me a million times because he bought one of our CD�s that is a 2-disc set and can�t get the discs out of the tray. I have a report to write, which means I have to look at formulas and dollar signs. 4.25 days of work this week though. Friday night when we arrive, I wonder if Crystal is aware that I plan on doing crystal meth and whiskey the whole drive down there?

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