Oh Joy!
2003-03-11 || I am so happy, I could shit
Soundtrack � Mr.Bungle � Disco Volante

I can finally relax a little at work, as I am done with my reports, etc for February�.just in time to read in the news about how the Republicans are changing the names of French Fries around DC to �freedom fries�, and French toast to �freedom toast�. There is literally a picture of some fucking Republican holding a sign for �freedom fries�. And people ask me why I haven�t paid my federal taxes since 1998.

I�m wondering why the people whining about war with Iraq weren�t whining as much when Clinton was bombing the living piss out of Serbia though�

This is relaxing me:

Michael Douglas �jack hammer style� fucking Julia Childs from behind, while �Easy Lover� from Phil Collins plays on a shitty Sanyo tape deck in the living room.

As is this:

Me, in 1985 running out of my girlfriends backyard putting my belt on as her parents are getting out of their car with groceries.

So we are putting this show together for the summer solstice. Well not �for� it, but it happens to be on that day, which is my favorite date of the year, not because it is the first day of the summer, but it�s historically been a good day for me. Please leave me alone about this.

�What the fuck, do they think we are running around in here with overalls on and beards down to our belly buttons?� this from my office, where people think because we are one of the biggest bluegrass/folk labels around we are all �pure�.

I hate dealing with the general public not because of the tired clich� of �I hate people�, but just because I don�t feel like talking to strangers on the phone sometimes, they ask questions. I have no answers, or I have answers, yet I shake. My voice. Anyone who says �I hate people� is a fucking moron, including me.

How could anyone be depressed in a world with all of this:

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