Oh Joy!
2003-03-08 || The night J Edgar Hoover jerked off to Emma Goldman
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Joni Mitchell is on the TV playing a version of Woodstock on a Parker guitar. This is the equivalent of Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar with a whammy bar, but I don�t think there�s any irony here. A Parker guitar is one of those electric guitars that has a button on it that makes it sound like an acoustic. Oh Joni, what are you doing?

Just returned from a brief shopping situation with JDG which led me to the question �If I took Ritalin the day I got paid, would I not spend any money?� One of the main symptoms of ADD is the inability to control money spending. As it stands though, I did not buy a thing today. I walked around stores and picked up DVD�s and books, and CD�s, and socialized with some people I ran into but did not buy anything. I am on the hunt for a book about Masada (the event, not the band) that was just released. I maybe would have bought that. Jeremy spent a good amount of money though.

At the used CD store a girl came up and asked me �do you know if you have the Concert for NYC on CD?� I replied �I know I don�t, I�m not sure if they do�I don�t actually work here. My brother does, so maybe that�s what you�re thinking�. She got kind of huffy after that and said �where�s your brother?�. I later spied her buying that CD, the No Nukes CD from�maybe the late 70�s early 80�s which if I remember has Jackson Browne on it, and people like that, and�a Bonnie Raitt cassette (Luck of the Draw obviously), and she�s giving me attitude?

When I had my oil changed the other day, I had them change my windshield wiper, just on the drivers side. As is in real life, I never want people around me to see things the way I do.

This is bizarre, I have that VH-1 classics channel on as I write this and an Adrian Belew video just came on, whose band I am going to see tonight�.now a Jackson Browne video for �Tender is the Night��when you hold your baby tight. Didn�t he beat Daryl Hannah? I wonder if the animal rights groups were pissed at him for beating a mermaid. Whatever the case, Jackson Browne doesn�t need to exist.

Back in the day, we would share milkshakes, and hold hands on the way back to my car. You would never argue with me about the music in the car, and at one point you even told me you liked the crap I was forcing on you constantly. Remember that dress you wore, I hated it because men would look at you all the time and I would get jealous. The last time I got jealous, I think it was when I realized someone under me was making more money than me. The last time I got jealous in a relationship was�with you. After losing what I thought was �the one� mostly because of that, here I am 6 years later.

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