Oh Joy!
2003-03-09 || the one members only jacket i saw
Soundtrack � Junior Wells � Hoodoo Man Blues

Just got home from the progressive rock concert at the Orpheum. Tonight turned out expensive. I parked in a resident only thing, thinking that they wouldn�t ticket me. I got a ticket for�forty fucking dollars for chrisssakes. The show was a lot of fun, albeit short. It was done by 9:50, started at 8 something or another. The best part of the evening, was finding this next to my seat for some reason:

A Hall and Oates setlist�from Washington D.C, two weeks ago�with bizarre notation on it. Anyway, it looks like it was a pretty rocking show�as Hall and Oates shows can get. How intense can a fucking Hall and Oates concert really get? Has anyone every passed out at a Hall and Oates concert? Does anyone know that they are still together?

So sitting in the theatre tonight, I was uncomfortable in the seats, thankfully I was next to this wall thingy on my left, so I wasn�t completely squished. Anyway, I was trying to think when those seats finally started getting uncomfortable for me. I�m pretty sure the Orpheum in Boston, or a theatre like it is where I saw my first concert my parents took us to as little boys, Cat Stevens. I obviously can�t remember the show as I was 7 years old. As a teen I sat in that theatre through numerous Cure, Siouxsie, New Order, and other alternative band shows there, and now as an adult, I almost dread going there.

I had pancakes after the show at the diner. I forgot that when you eat pancakes it�s like drinking whiskey, as you�re most likely to say �I�ll never do that again� when you�re done.

A week from right this minute, I�ll be on my first of two vacations in a row. I�ll be in MA, CT, RI, NY, NJ, PA, MO, OK, and TX next week.

I am cursed with not being able to take pictures on my vacations. I�m in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains with deer literally walking up to my car, and I take a bunch of pictures of them, I take pictures of valleys and mountains, and the only pics that come out are ones of me in the motel I took by myself, or pictures of the TV set in a drunken state of mind. I realized that once it�s inside of me though, I never forget it. I can still smell the air in the Blue Ridge mountains, where I got self conscious that the ghost of Emerson was watching down on me as I drove through this beautiful forest with the windows up with the air conditioning on�so I opened the windows to feel more �there� as I drove through. Got out and touched the ground a few times. Went back two more times to take pictures there, they never came out. Bastards.

Behind us at the progressive rock concert was a man and his ten year old daughter, how fucking bored was she? Did she know they were playing a song in 11/8 time?

According to All Music, Robert Fripp played on a Hall and Oates record�strange.

Don�t get the wrong idea.

How good is the song �You Don�t Love Me�?

She wore a Pink Floyd headband, and I a denim jacket with a Deep Purple button on the pocket.

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