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2003-03-08 || useful information before you go to the airport
Soundtrack � BB King � the Thrill is Gone

So tonight on my drive home, as usual I listened to the radio talk show circuit. Today the Howie guy was talking about a car accident the other night where some 22 year old �man� was being chased by the police, smashed his dad�s BMW into a car, killing a girl, and injuring her friend. He had had his license suspended 7 times before this. This is one reason the court system in Massachusetts is so fucking bad. An old friend of mine, who is a singer in a fairly popular hardcore band from here got in a fight a long time ago. He punched a guy, the guy fell in the street, and got hit by a drunk driver, and died. My friend went to jail for 3 years. He had never been in trouble in his life, was in the wrong place at the wrong time basically. Because he had a shaved head, he went to jail. Now this rich kid has his license suspended 7 times for drunk driving and other offenses is able to drive, and then kill some young college girl. This isn�t fair. Anyway, Howie was talking about this whole thing, and for once I agreed with him.

After Howie, the national talk radio guy Michael Savage comes on. Now this guy is a liberal�s worst nightmare. He is someone I couldn�t be further away from opinion wise. He has a TV show coming on TV debuting tomorrow on MSNBC. Some organizations are trying to have it stopped. Namely GLAAD, because Michael spouts homophobic rhetoric on his show. I think this is ridiculous that these folks are so adamant about civil rights and yada yada yada that they want to censor someone because they don�t like what they say. The guy has something like 6 million listeners, and those 6 million people don�t like gay people, deal with it. I�m sure there are millions of people that would hate �my type�, I�m not going to try to stop them from not liking me, whatever. When I hear him, I realize anyone with any brain cells in their brain is going to think the guy is talking shit and doesn�t make sense, so to get upset that he�s preaching this shit to a bunch of unintelligent people anyway, who cares. I don�t have anything against gay people, but if someone doesn�t like them, as long as they�re not out beating people up for being gay�whatever. I know plenty of liberals who talk about how much they hate this type of person and that type of person�so whatever. I just get annoyed at the double standards liberals have.

There comes a point when you realize there is nothing you can do about hate, and there�s nothing you can do about the fact that the government is going to spend billions of dollars on bombing the shit out of Iraq in the next couple of weeks.

No affiliation�please.

I lost interest in George W after about ten minutes when I realized Star Wars seemed more intelligent than what was coming out of his mouth.

The scene when the guy gets out of the car and runs after his friend.


A pleasant gang of 80 dollar bills

People who have seen the movie �point break� and liked it

I like that the people are friendly because I talk to myself.

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