Oh Joy!
2003-02-17 || saddam hussein, bette midler, and curtis mayfield walk into an abortion clinic...
Soundtrack � Bill Monroe � The Music Of

They say a blizzard will arrive here today. Blizzard beasts come alive in the snow. White ice crystal breathing creatures that bite the faces of children and suck the life out of elderly people. Grown men like myself are in danger of being put down for good because of our attitude.

Bite the faces of children. Bite the nose off of a child if you have a chance, swallow it and become one with the almighty God of Immortality Rahawahkana. The fountain of Youth exists within the flesh of virgins.

The Fountain of Youth flows through my veins because of the numbers of children I have-

A little tired today. I couldn�t sleep at all last night. Thanks to the two big coffee�s, and the mid afternoon nap yesterday, I lay in bed while George Clinton talked about Funkentelechy. I have to pick up Scanzilla tonight who is coming back from Hapithoughts land. Hopefully they are lying about the blizzard thing and it is not going to be that bad. I have been e-mailing her to maybe come up with another solution in case he doesn�t arrive here on time either. If he is smuggling hashish and opium across the border it may be a problem as well.

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