Oh Joy!
2003-02-17 || who is XXXXXXX to me when i sleep?
Soundtrack � Tom Verlaine � Warm and Cool

Just watched that Michael Jackson documentary, what a fucking tool that guy is that made the movie. I don�t see why someone can�t live eccentric and be left alone. I guess if you talk shit about Tommy Mottola from Sony Music you can�t.

The conversations with the ones who are fucked up on drugs usually go like this:

Ummmm. The ones fucked up prescribed drugs go like this: ummmm. I�ve been well the last week or so. I am still refusing to even think of being prescribed something for something mental. Personally, I think it�s evil. I guess if it works for others than so be it. I�d rather suffer from time to time. I can�t imagine a stranger ever knowing what I�m thinking, or anyone who knows me for that matter. Is this a bad thing? Sometime I guess it can be. Frustrated women have left me over it, and frustrated friends have stopped calling. One thing that stays the same though is the false empathy I get. �I know what you mean man!�. Hmmm, really? You believe my stories? Would you believe me if I told you I never listen?

I am always around ones who talk about themselves too much. They rarely ask how I did, or how I felt, or what I did or what I felt. I guess it works out though, as my attention span is so short I don�t hear what anyone says anyway. Unless it�s someone I want to hear from. Sexual experiences, and money making experiences don�t impress me, they don�t piss me off they don�t do anything for me. Associates don�t impress me. Could I really care if your friend has a gigantic cock and makes 7 digits a year? Ask me how I felt when I was fucked as a little boy and I�ll talk.

Is it really supposed to snow here tomorrow?

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