Oh Joy!
2003-02-17 || Phyllis Diller, Brad Pitt, and Adolf Hitler walk into a Jam Master Jay Tribue Concert...
Soundtrack � Slayer � Reign in Blood

I fucking love cats. Kittens. Kitty-cat. I fucking hate everyone. I like cats though.

I hate dogs, I sold my last dog to the Chinese Restaurant down the street because they give you $500 per dog ($1000 for headless pitbulls).

I would throw a hand grenade into a bus full of blind retarded rape victims before I would even harm a kitty cat. Look at the little kitty cat.

If anyone every harmed my cat, I would blind them, rape them, and then throw retardation poison in their face�and then throw a hand grenade inside the bus they were in (as long as there were no cats on board!)

Cats do not bark, they don�t talk shit behind your back, and they don�t put too much cream in your coffee like the woman who made mine a little while ago. Perhaps I will go back to that place where the woman just made my coffee and throw retardation poison in her eyes so she can�t do this to someone else.

When I sacrifice my body to the XXXX XX XXXXXXX-XXX I will be worshipped much like the cats of today.

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