Oh Joy!
2003-02-04 || being a person named Roger (last week obviously)
Soundtrack � The Specials � The Specials

Forgot to mention the dream I had last night on here this morning. I was on a bus going somewhere near Virginia with a group of people. Christa McAuliffe was on the bus, and I got everyone to vote her off of the bus because she was �jinxing� the bus.

The record Crush by OMD is still pretty good after all of these years, and I�m not even drunk right now saying that.


Where are you taking me?

Don�t worry, I�m not going to kill you or anything�

Okay, don�t kill me

I won�t, don�t worry about it

Let me ask you a question


Why did you ask me to come out tonight?

I don�t know, I missed you

You missed me? You avoided me for a year until I gave up

Well, I missed you, take it how you want

Okay, I missed you too



What time will this be going down tonight? I think I am ready for this to go down, I feel really strange though. I feel like God. I feel so high, and filled with nervous energy, but good energy. I�ve never felt this before. I hope it works out as we planned it. I am ready for this, he showed me what to do for months. I am ready to act out my duty now. I wonder if he is right and we will be God until we stop? I hope we don�t get caught.


The man who is going to be responsible for your death possibly:

�More and more of our imports are coming from overseas�

--George W. Bush


and he walks in like he owns the place and everyone turns around to see him and we all sort of laugh to ourselves because we know he thinks he�s more than he is a mere human with no more or less knowledge of anything than any of us we are not better than he is but we are a little more aware when they told me he would come there I mentioned that I would be a little nervous as I know he sucks up a lot of energy out of people I don�t need to deal with one of those kinds of people at this point they are all gone now all of them from my life all of them are gone I sit here and I see him come in and I need to leave because deep down way deep down I hold some resentment and I want to just vomit sometimes but for the most part I can deal now I wonder what I should wear tomorrow when we drive up that restaurntat wait how do you spell restaurant?


The way I see it, if I can completely turn into a rooster by next Friday afternoon, I will have done it all

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