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2003-02-03 || prozac de la rocha
Soundtrack � the Roots � Phrenology

If I am ignored by someone I remember it forever. This happens far too much nowadays. I have no fucking patience anymore for people who just can�t pay attention. This happens at work all the time. It�s no wonder people come in to work with rifles. I saw that film Bowling for Columbine and as much as I like Michael Moore, I don�t really have an opinion, or care much about guns. But, I have to admit, as bad as this may sound, when I was in high school, I was a punk rocker among a school filled with people who weren�t punk rockers. If I had the chance to get a machine gun, there is not a doubt in my mind for a second that I wouldn�t have done the same fucking thing. I may have been more selective, and just taken out those who did me wrong, but for the most part I would not have hesitated to just destroy people and scar people from the humiliation I went through time after time. I would even go so far as to say if I could go back in time, I would probably find a gun and go back and do that. Perhaps, I would be in a better place right now if I had�or a different place anyway.

I watched a show with Jodie last night about hoaxes like s�ances, ghosts, and healers, etc. When they showed the healer people, I couldn�t help but notice how fucking many people would show up at these places thinking this guy with the microphone could actually tap them in the head and heal them of cancer, undermining years of scientific research that a) there is no real �cure� for cancer, and b) evolution, not �on the eighth day God rubbed one out��. This was similar to the show a couple weeks ago about statues, etc that people from miles around come and see, what a farce. It�s bizarre how many people are into religion to me. I understand why people need it, I just don�t understand how anyone could buy into it. Take Christian rock for instance, or any of this new Christian hardcore/indie rock. It�s like �no, fuck you, you motherfuckers burned elvis records back in the day saying it was the work of the devil, sorry, you�re not allowed in the club�. In my humble opinion, unless you�re an old black man singing about the devil gonna take you, etc. to a blues backing, you don�t rock in the least bit. Rock and roll has no place for Jesus, shame on those who disagree with me. Hey, they�re talking about Jesus on the Roots CD, oh well. When I think of the middle east, and I read quotes like these people in Iraq saying it was God�s wrath blowing up the space shuttle because the Israeli on there was a former air force pilot who allegedly bombed Iraq (this was a statement from someone from Iraq in the paper yesterday), I have to say to myself, let�s just bomb the living fuck out of the middle east if for anything, because they are all so fucking ignorant and actually more sensationalist than us Americans could ever be, especially when it comes to God or Allah or whatever they call their stupid fucking god they hide behind. I say lets steal their oil, their women, and their land and build amusement parks there. Big amusement parks with American flags, and devil rides. Rides that have to do with the devil and anything evil that devils would like.

It�s rather warm today in Boston, yet there is ice everywhere and puddles of slush causing disgusting looking roads with holes and salt all over the fucking place. I need to go home, as my head is not in the right place it needs to be today. I could possibly have a nervous breakdown by the end of the day.

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Whooo I love being fucked up! Who's with me??!

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