Oh Joy!
2003-02-04 || can't believe it's not time to buy the chicken legs...what the fuck?
Soundtrack � Ciccone Youth � The Whitey Album

How many times do people pick up the phone and start dialing numbers only to throw the phone across the room 6 numbers in? How many times are e-mails sent with reversion after reversion do I add a smiley face do I put an exclamation point do I put three periods at the end. I have no clue, I do this stuff every day though. I never know how someone is going to read me, and I�d rather not let anyone read me for that matter. How ironic that I keep a journal online for the public to see.

This morning going in to get a cup of coffee this man was coming out, he could have easily held the door but he didn�t, and I said �thank you� sort of obnoxiously, or rather, obnoxiously, not just �sort of�. He scoffed at me and I laughed aloud obnoxiously and went in and got my coffee. Any other day I would just ignore it. I�ve come to the point where, no I�m not going to ignore how many fucking assholes there are in the world. I am going on a crusade to rid the world of assholes, starting�earlier this morning.

Here are the assholes I am going to rid the world of:

1) People who don�t hold doors open for you when you are within arms reach.

2) People who drive large vehicles, not necessarily SUV�s, as I think all of those trucks, vans, and SUV�s are obnoxious. If anything, these fuckers are annoying to park next to because you can�t see shit when you try to back out.

3) People involved in SPAM E-mail. How do I find these people and track them down. I would love to find the addresses of these people and dump all of my trash on their lawn. That would be great to have a website that posts the home addresses around the country of people who run SPAM e-mail. You could have a network of people that would go and just dump all sorts of litter on their lawns.

4) People who ignore you, that you know/work with, etc. when you say hello. These people just need to have hot green tea with one sweet and lo thrown in their face, and while they are clutching their face you would pull out a guitar that is hooked up to a Marshall JCM 800 and you would start playing Cat Scratch Fever to them until they say hello back to you. Fuck these people and the horse they rode in on.

5) Black people � just kidding, just wanted to see if anyone was still reading. Heh.

6) People who have dream catchers hanging from their rear view mirrors

7) Any human being who has ever sang a lyric to a Dashboard Confessional song, while at a Dashboard Confessional taping of MTV unplugged.

8) People who wear vests of any kind


Can�t believe I hung out at cemeteries can�t believe I hung out with zombies addicted to cough medicine can�t believe I once enjoyed some of the things I despise now can�t believe I ever used labels for people labels for music labels for anything can�t believe I would fall in love so easily can�t believe I thought I could go on a just being a human without wanting to just be a rooster at one point in time. At the end, that�s how it will be.

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