Oh Joy!
2003-01-24 || Erin and Jake-1971, Saratoga Springs
Soundtrack � Neil Young � On the Beach

Tonight, band rehearsal, it took us well over an hour to finally play an actual song, which was fun for us, presumably not for our neighbors in the next room. Put 4 men in a room and watch them all play something different at extreme volumes on their respective instruments ala Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, Coltrane (later period) etc�.right I wish.

The cold is beyond me at this point, today, I had an extreme bout of �the tireds� at work. I ventured to the bathroom, where a few months earlier I complained that the new toilet paper dispenser was too close to the toilet for anyone to sit comfortably. Today I reneged on that idea though, as it made a perfectly comfortable arm rest for me to use while I grabbed a quick nap for 10-15 minutes in there. It�s good to know that your boss is sleeping in the bathroom in the afternoon because he stayed up late trying to alphabetize CD�s and drinking espresso at 2:15AM on a weeknight.

I have no idea what �American Idol� means, and I don�t have any plan to find out.

I have no idea what anything on the television means if it happens between 8pm and 11pm during the week for the last 20 years or so. Once I discovered the rock music at a young age, I was over television. I wanted to be Ace Frehley while my friends wanted to be fucking Adam from Eight is Enough (who I coincidentally saw backstage at a Kiss concert when I was a young boy).

-found out Jefferson Starship is playing a bar up the street from my work soon. I will finally make them pay for that �We Built this City� song.

-Ribot is playing in Maine tomorrow night, which I just found out about 30 seconds ago. Fuck. Oil change.

Last night, I wondered when the last time Don Henley ate pussy was.

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