Oh Joy!
2003-01-23 || Ann Marie and Bert - 1920, Oklahoma City
soundtrack � brian eno/david byrne � my life in the bush of ghosts

Upon getting out of my car this morning to come into this lovely little office I realized �it�s not that cold, I�m walking 4 feet from my car to the door�. I don�t walk around outside anymore, like when you�re a kid and you walk everywhere. I did pump gas this morning, which was quite possible the worst experience I have ever experienced next to the Ice Capades, or reading the Great Gatsby.

I was on a space ship last night, and I met this guy

So at lunch today, I am going to take my cell phone and run it over with my car. I�ve been trying to pay the bill on it with my credit card for two days now, and they keep telling me I have insufficient funds, and the bank is telling me the money is there and there should be no problem with it. I have now made 11 phone calls in the past 48 hours trying to deal with this. It has culminated in a man telling me to read him my credit card number �from left to right�.

I will now find the office I�ve been talking to and do

fuck these people, they will all fucking die a horrible death. If I don�t update tomorrow, check out the cover of the Boston Globe.

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