Oh Joy!
2003-01-03 || Carly and Thomas, 2001-Carlsbad
Soundtrack � the voices in my head/War � Why Can�t We Be Friends?

Feel like I�m taking the Pepsi challenge every day now. Fuck it though. I�m old enough to make my own decisions.

Stayed home from work today, went to the record shop to sell some old shit, and bought two DVD�s. Two more Cassevetes movies (Faces, and Minnie and Moskowitz), I now own 4 I think. These are hard to come by I�ve found. They�re all good though.

So after some reading, it�s become evident that Tom Hanks was not on stage at the Phish show the other night, it was a joke. We all fell for it�heh.

Snow is starting to fall, apparently enough will fall that if you buried John Holmes on his back with a hard-on, you wouldn�t see him. Speaking of John Holmes, or tall men with presumably large penises, we did see Bill Walton at the Phish show the other night. I have enough cigarettes, enough coffee, and two video games where you basically just kill other people, and tons of movies and books. I will be a single bachelor this weekend, playing with my stuff and reading the books I got for Christmas and watching the movies I bought, and of course shooting people, and demons, etc.

Hey now that song �Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?� by Chicago is on right now (I have that cable channel that just plays hits of the 70�s). I have an inkling to buy a Chicago greatest hits cd. I think she was listening to this the other day�maybe? No? Yeah? Maybe? I have a list of CD�s I want to buy that I can�t bring myself to buy in public for fear of ruining my already snobbish taste in music. Would the fact that I could name every side man of every Miles Davis band from 1958-1970, or that I can name every single song on every Captain Beefheart record be completely void if someone �caught me� buying the reissue of Triumph � Never Surrender? Would I be forced to give up my Saucony sneakers if I were seen buying a copy of that double Scorpions CD I have been flirting with for months now?

I have been picking this CD up, and putting it back down for almost a year now. I had a chance to buy it at one point for under 20 bucks, and now it�s always fucking $27.99. It�s two CD�s of the best fucking German metal this side of Kreator. One of these days, I will buy it, and they will see. It�s not that I�m embarrassed, as I even asked a store clerk wearing a Stooges shirt if they had it once, not caring one fucking bit if the hip 19 year old thought I was cool, since I of course am obviously am cooler since I have well over a dozen original picture sleeved Clash singles, as well as every 70�s Isaac Hayes record on vinyl except for Chocolate Chip. So fuck him and his import Strokes CD with that New York City Cops song on it, the song sucks worse than that band.

Mortal Kombat awaits.

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