Oh Joy!
2003-01-06 || Franny and Theodore-1944, Providence
soundtrack � some fucking electronic music thing they are playing in the office, actually I played this: Amon Tobin

stayed in the house for what seemed like the whole weekend, but that�s not true, went out and drank with Dan and Christian and Steve and Shawn and Tracey and then Nicole and Adrienne showed up there and chewed Dan�s ear off. A late night breakfast next to a table full of presumed Christians, as the college is right near there, and they seemed like drama students. I�ve come to the realization that drama people, and people who believe in god are interchangeable. They are all great at suspending disbelief for one thing, and the second is they are generally obnoxious in a subtle way that I can�t put my finger on. I think at this point I would enjoy being around a drama club person than someone who actually believes that some higher power created the universe. As the days go by that theory gets further and further away from me, making me more blasphemous too, which is always fun, since I rarely hold back what I want to say, or write. The concept of organized religion, or anyone who uses any sort of title for themselves is such a fucking joke (I am a Jew, I am a Christian, I am a Muslim, I am an atheist, I am a realist, I am a punk rocker, I am a skinhead, I am a raver, I am an objectivist, I am a Buddhist�the only thing you are is a fucking asshole that should be thrown in the river). Anyway, I�ve decided I am going to make up a screen name on Yahoo! and fuck with Christian people. First thing I want to do is meet some people in chat rooms, and then progress into some real bizarre things like telling them �Hey guys! On my way home from work today I saw a kid with a Marilyn Manson shirt on, so I got out of the car and beat him up!! Jesus would have been proud!!�, or �Do you guys think Jesus was hot?�. Hopefully I will get off my lazy ass and do this soon. Still thinking of screen names that aren�t taken yet [email protected], [email protected], etc.

Yesterday I bought the Sims, and ended up playing it for hours. Scanzilla came over to watch the season premiere of OZ

last night, and I played much after he left too. I have a bachelor guy who has a lot of money, and now has a black girlfriend. I think my guy is of some sort of Middle Eastern, or Hispanic descent, as he is a little tan. Anyway, what a strange thing: Okay he has to go to the bathroom. Okay, he wants to have fun now. Last night he kissed his new woman. I�m not aware of an �anal sex� command.

I currently have five friends who are what they called �pussy/cock whipped�, and others who can�t remain friends with the opposite sex once they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. They won�t admit it, but they also wouldn�t want their significant others to be friends with anyone of the opposite sex. This seems so absurd. I remember how jealous and irrational like this I was as a young guy. This basically says you don�t trust your lover, and you especially don�t trust yourself. You have no control over what your vagina or penis wants. I can�t even fathom what that is like at this point. I am glad I am done with relationships like this. Ever since George Bush killed my wife by flying her into a building because of Allah I have grown stronger.

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