Oh Joy!
2002-12-30 || mt vernon, boxing
Soundtrack � Eric Dolphy � Out to Lunch

Communication skills the past few weeks have been awful. E-mails piling up. Voice mails piling up. Bills piling up. Ideas piling up. Anything else I can think of piling up. It will explode on New Years Eve (literally) when they either bomb Madison Square Garden, or blow up the train I am on. The Acela train takes 3 hours or so�to kill you when it explodes because of the Republican government in the United States of America in the year 2002. Because of the cocksucker with the SUV with the American flag sticker on it that cut me off today, I will be killed in a horrible train wreck somewhere between Boston and New York City on Tuesday afternoon. This is what I dream of every single night now. While asleep I dream of this, and while awake.

Today helped Breaux move with Aarne, and Breaux�s friend John. 3 overweight smokers carrying things up and down staircases. A recipe for disaster if I don�t say so myself. It was easy. Had dinner with Stefanie tonight for the first time in a couple of months maybe? Mexican food, no alcohol involved.

After last week proclaiming I wouldn�t see the Lord of the Rings pt 2 thingy, I saw it last night. Stayed awake for all of it. It was better than the first one. The little computer generated thing that looked like Steve Buscemi was quite possibly more annoying than Jar Jar Binks. Seeing orcs get speared and beheaded wasn�t as bad as I thought it would be, but I don�t think I could sit through it again. 3 hours is far too long for a movie to be unless it�s called Apocalypse Now, or it is a Martin Scorcese movie, or it is a Spike Lee movie about Malcolm X. Stefanie mentioned she saw it and liked it as well. She said it rivaled the Star Wars movies. I said �the Police Academy movies rival the Star Wars series�or better yet �Ernest Is Added to Schindler�s List� was better than the Star Wars series� (the recent ones anyway). I have absolutely no idea what the name of any character in that movie was still. Frodo is the kid with the bad 80�s looking hairdo that looks like the guy in the Crying Game who was gonna make love to that woman and then found out she was a he. Or wait, that was the hobbit that rode on the tree for half of the movie or something. Do elves really have mullets?

Watching a very intense Lifetime Movie Network movie right now about a woman catching her husband with another man. As intense as a spinal tap.

1987, calling Denise from the payphone on Humphrey Street in front of the Boat House to see if her boyfriend has gone home yet. Picking her up to fuck in a church parking lot 4 nights a week, a temple parking lot some nights, a protestant church some nights. I remember seeing a nuclear explosion. I saw that payphone last night. I spent hours in that payphone at different times in my life. Calling friends, calling for rides home from the movie theatre that is now a condo complex. Last night listening to Bill Hicks talk about the pope while staring at that phone booth at the red light that never seems to change green. Her boyfriend was a scumbag, which is why I never felt bad.

Joan Rivers should have her head removed, and all of her blood sucked from her heart by a psychedelic mushroom demon with rabies.

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