Oh Joy!
2002-12-28 || super warriors
Soundtrack: Jimmy Cliff � The Harder they Come

Hash. Feeling like I want Opium again though. Perhaps on New Years Eve if I can find it.

Had a gift card for Borders. I generally don�t shop there because of their history with anti-union stuff. Plus, the prices generally suck. Gift card for $25. Bought $24.85 worth of leftist magazines, and music magazines. The girl handed me the card and said �you have fifteen cents left�. Thanks, wanna go out for an ice cream with me? Headed over to the record shop. I think some of the holiday help was in there. Snippets from conversations I heard between some employees I didn�t recognize:

�The Two Towers DVD set is gonna come out right before the last movie comes out so you can get ready for it� � yeah, just in case you can�t handle reading the book in 360 days.

�Dude, Les Claypool tried out for Metallica, but they said he was too good� � yeah, tell me something I don�t know, like who tried out for Bon Scott�s position when he croaked. I have no idea, I want to know.

�This cd is sick� � no it isn�t

Wondering today if Osama Bin Laden spends 24 hours a day, as the mainstream media leads us to believe, thinking of ways to kill Americans; or does he spend a few hours doing crossword puzzles, watching movies, baking, etc. Does he spend all of his time in caves, or do they sometimes put him in the trunk of a Honda and take him to some guys apartment to compare rifles, etc. This is what I did in work all day. When was the last time Osama Bin Laden ate pussy? Have I eaten more pussy than Osama Bin Laden? Does George Bush ever just look at his wife and say �I want to fuck you really, really bad tonight�and then I want to disarm Iraq�. If Bush and Hussein walked by each other on the street would they start fighting? Hussein would obviously win. All praises to the mighty Allah.

This record (Jimmy Cliff � Harder they Come) could win 2 awards, one for best reggae album ever, and one for best soundtrack ever. Sorry, the Big Chill does not qualify. Nor does Bob Marley- Legend. Bob Marley � Catch a Fire could.

Have to remember the public, strangers, etc. read this. Being pegged a racist is scary. I have an Aretha Franklin poster in my room, and burned a copy of Mein Kampf years ago. I like to shoot the mouth off and push buttons, but I am after all a leftist to the ten millionth degree. Well, not that harsh, but for the most part, I�m more liberal than I was when I was younger.

Diane Lane. Ow.

Watched Animal House tonight on cable. That film was one of the movies I watched a lot as a kid. It got me interested in sex I think; that, and being anti-authority, etc. It still stands up as far as I can tell.

4 more days and I will see Phish for the 71st time.

The muted television shows a movie called �Virtual Vegas�. People put the virtual reality thing on and have sexual experiences. Right now a man is fucking a woman in a hot tub. In reality he�s of course sitting there with one of those things on his head. Wait does Virtual Reality work? I can�t remember if that is something that is a myth. Can I put that on and fuck Diane Lane? In the fantasy I want to have that virtual reality mask thingy on though.

This is a question on the FAQ page of this science website I just read about cloning:

Could cloning be used to create "super warriors" or super-intelligent people?

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