Oh Joy!
2002-12-31 || "the state"
Soundtrack �Jimi Hendrix � Axis: Bold as Love

�it takes about a half a day to get there if we travel by�dragonfly�� how much acid did Jimi take when he wrote that line? �Spanish Castle Magic� has to be one of my favorite Jimi songs I think.

In 24 hours I�ll be in Madison Square Garden. In 26.5 hours, I�ll be on a train on my way home.

Just spent a few minutes reading tour riders of different musicians on this website. Fuck, some of those people are such prima donnas. Even people who you would think could be semi-cool, like Beck, etc. have these ridiculous demands. I think a lot of it is the management. I can�t imagine working in that arm of the entertainment business. Sucking the cocks of celebrities.

Today, we got a letter asking if the Soggy Bottom Boys (the fictitious band in O Brother Where Art Thou-we distribute the soundtrack) were going to put out another record. Also, some guy returned some defective CD�s to us, and recycled a padded envelope he got from another company. In it was an invoice for �Tit to Tit pt 2�, and �Heavenly Hooters� or something like that. I was going to call him and make believe I worked for the company he bought the porn from and say �Hi, just calling to see if you wanted to pre-order �Tit to Tit pt 3, which is coming in February�. I didn�t though.

Still don�t know if I�m going to travel empty handed tomorrow. Most likely will. Don�t need to be dealing with a bag at a concert. Although a cd walkman would be nice on the train. I suppose I could spend my time reading and listening to the conversations around me.

It doesn�t seem like New Years Eve. It never does. It�s Tuesday tomorrow. I go to New York City for 6 hours or whatever. This year was long. Longer than 12 months. Felt like 16 months. I�ve divided it up into sections in my head. Nothing I would write here in public. But it seems longer, and is if I got some things accomplished. Saw a lot of places. Fucking camera didn�t get to record all of the great places I went to though. Went to Pennsylvania what seems like a dozen times this year. Finally �got it�.

I�ve gotten so fucking boring this year. Writing-wise especially. God.

Hoping to reach �the state� tomorrow night at the gig. There were many times in the past seeing Phish where, either high, or not even high I�ve reached this state where everything around me goes completely black except for the stage and the music coming out of the speakers.

With that lame hippie shit said, I�m going to bed. Goodbye 2002.

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