Oh Joy!
2002-12-20 || have a safe night
Soundtrack � jack teagarden � making friends

�There�s more pussy in this bar than in the latest issue of Cat Fancy�

So I made my way to the club tonight a little early, waited for the band to come out, and realized I never ate dinner. Seeing as they play until 2AM generally, I figured if I could leave for a few minutes and get something small around the corner. They were closed, I ended up in my car and leaving the gig for an hour like 10 minutes into it. I found a Chinese restaurant take out place with some tables and go in there. I order my food, and these three Hispanic kids come in speaking all sorts of Ebonics type shit. �Yo, I told that bitch that she was fat and she could suck my cock, and I�d put it so far down her throat she�d be picking hairs out of her teeth. I�m a pimp yo!� This was an actual thing that was said. I was reading the Phoenix which was left on the table, and which I wrote about how I never read anymore in this here diary this afternoon. While they were waiting for their food this young white male who looked about 22 or so came in with his ears both pierced, and this bandana on his head, among other decorations, obviously gay. He orders his food and sits at the table facing me. One of the Hispanic guys gets a call on his cell phone, and sits down at the table with the gay boy.

�Yo, I�m just sitting here with my boy�yo what�s your name?�


�My boy Michael�

He then talks to this person on the other end of the phone about such interesting things as where the apartment was that they were at, etc. The gay boy looks a tad bit uncomfortable. Finally they all gather their shit and start leaving and the Hispanic male on the phone says to him �you�re gay right?�

�Yes� he replies.

�Yo, I�m sitting here with this faggot� he says into the phone.

�Yo, we chillin in this Chinese place with this fucking faggot� one of the other Hispanic males pipes in, and they all leave.

The kid looks at me as I give him a condoling look

�I can�t believe that guy just said that to me�

�I can believe it� I reply

�Funny thing is, one of those guys hit on me the other night, they�re from the neighborhood, when he�s with his friends, he�s a real tough guy�

�What a great world we live in huh?� I say

�Yeah, right�

I went back to my food and review of the Gangs of New York (2 � stars!) and was pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing. He put his headphones back on and I could hear the loud house music thumping away hoping the three Hispanic males will be raped in a dark alley tonight at some point.

�Have a safe night� I told him as he left


I went back to the gig and the first set was just ending. I got a seat right in front of Mr Maneri on the saxophone. What an intense guy to watch play, he�s in his 70�s and plays with all the passion of any of the great horn players of the past. Here�s a pic of him:

His son also played with them, on the electric violin. Which he runs through a Rat distortion pedal and two wah-wah pedals. He makes the violin sound like Jimi Hendrix on acid, it�s pretty crazy. Real tired tonight so I wasn�t that focused on the music as I normally am. Maybe next time I will be more awake.

Waking up in 4 hours to go to work, and then have a weekend. Sleep.

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