Oh Joy!
2002-12-18 || i shall live on and island and light fires and listen to songs that make me happy
Soundtrack � Tom Waits � Swordfishtrombone

This could be the last entry I do with THIS computer at home. It�s been nice. I think I may get upset. I bought a new one, and it�s supposed to be here tomorrow, which will indeed make me an anxious boy, I mean man, tomorrow. So why is there a Tylenol commercial with break beats in it?

I found some new searches folks typed into their favorite search engine, and then stumbled upon my page:

Lizzy McGuire ass naked

Cum gallon

XXX bitch


Snorting sugar

XXX baby

Voodoo needle

Mans with big

Flamin Irish Gang

Does the term �XXX baby� mean someone was looking for pornographic photos of babies? Is this a whole other world separate from the traditional old school good old fashioned child pornography? Is this the genesis (no pun intended) of a priests obsession with little boys? He does that whole baptism thing, gets a little turned on, and then later on�gives the offering�the body of�representative of Christ. Whatever �XXX Baby� may means, I doubt it�s anything good. �Lizzy McGuire ass naked� on the other hand, I could handle that. I like the fact that I can type in "I love Jesus", and someone may stumble upon this page. That is one of the things that gets me excited. Another thing that gets me excited is

fire! Fire! Fire! I used to love starting fires when I was a little boy, and I�ve decided to pursue a career in arson. Enough about that though...ummm...Actually, Our House by Madness is one of my top favorite songs of all time I think. Yeah. What else. There are songs you can listen to over and over in a row and not get sick of them. A few that come to mind for me anyway:

Tom Waits � Jockey Full of Bourbon

Stones � Beast of Burden

Dylan � Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

Jimmy Cliff � The Harder they Come

Violent Femmes � Please Don�t Go

The Clash � (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

XTC � Making Plans for Nigel

King Crimson � Red

Cheap Trick � I Want You to Want Me

Elvis Costello � Blame it on Cain

Kiss � Shock Me

Charles Mingus � Haitian Fight Song

R.E.M. � Radio Free Europe

Mission of Burma � Academy Fight Song

Siouxsie and the Banshees � Israel

Galaxie 500 � Fourth of July

Grateful Dead � Ripple

Van Halen � Panama

Angry Samoans � You Stupid Jerk

George Jones � Why Baby Why?

Flipper � Life

Nat King Cole Trio � Nature Boy

Prince � Dirty Mind

Dead Kennedys � Holiday in Cambodia

Sugarcubes � Delicious Demon

Phish � Tweezer

Slayer � Angel of Death

Pavement � Cut Your Hair

Slint � Good Morning, Captain

Dr. Dre � Dre Day

There are a million more. But when I get stuck on a deserted island, I will bring a mix cd of all of these songs, or maybe a 2 disc set, and I will be okay for the rest of my life. I will also have the strangest fucking mix cd in the fucking world. Then, and only then will I be happy. When I am stuck on the deserted island (which just happens to have a cd player with ELECTRITY readily available, or maybe a lifetime supply of batteries) I will be content. I shall now carry this mix of songs around with me just in case I do happen to get stuck on a deserted island.

I shall be happy to go to sleep now that it is halfway through the 2�s.

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