Oh Joy!
2002-12-18 || auld lang syne (german for "I would like pancakes")
soundtrack � tones on tail � go!

they wield weapons and words that make me wince. the suits and the white teeth. I say �never trust anyone with white teeth� this has paid off fruitfully for me for years now. any person who spends that much time caring that much about the color of their teeth, well, they should be thrown in the river. I like my coffee, and I like my cigarettes, and I like smoking marijuana 3-4 times a day. I�m productive. Sometimes. I don�t like the taste of shit in my mouth, so yeah I brush them daily. They are not like David Duke though; my teeth are not white supremacists. I can�t imagine lying as much as they do. Going on BET and telling the world to forgive you. Well, the problem isn�t that Trent Lott said he thought the country would be better had we elected Strom Thurmond. The problem is that that guy was even in office as long as he has been. I hear people whining about how Republicans are evil and racist in general. We forget that California Congressman Fortney H. "Pete" Stark had some controversial statements about blacks and Jews. Or West Virginian Democrat and former Klan Recruiter Robert Byrd who has used the N word in public. The double standard is evident here as it is with the same liberals who support the bill of rights and freedom of speech, but think we should outlaw guns. I think, if I didn�t have the right to say �nigger�, or the right to shoot a honky breaking into my house I would feel a lot less free. I like that I can say what I want to say, regardless of what I mean or what�s behind it. I like that if I wanted to buy a shotgun at Wal-Mart I can. I have no desire to own a gun, but I like that I can if I wanted to. I always wonder who I would have killed had I owned a gun. I am easily pissed off where I fee like I could easily just kill the person or break the object. Break the object I said. Every once and I while, you need to teach the object a lesson, and break it. I put the 69 Gibson SG against the cellar wall and cracked it in half with my foot. That was because she fucked someone else. She fucked someone else. How many times have I said that in my life, and how many times will I say that in the future. A fucking million, duh.

�Ladies and Gentlemen, Dick Clark will now remove his genitals�

As it gets later in the year I look back at everything and everywhere I�ve been this year the year in review.

I remember traveling and flying in planes high on morphine and whiskey.

I remember almost murdering them all, the voices tell me not to, but yet their voices make me want to.

I remember talking to my favorite guitar player in the world, shaking his hand, and realizing I just shook the hand of the person who plays that guitar solo on Tom Waits� Jockey Full of Bourbon

I remember making out with my best friend in the spring and wondering what she was giving me

I remember recording a whole record about the subsequent friend

I remember getting arrested for soliciting a prostitute�in this dream I had one night

I don�t remember a whole lot of things, and yet I remember a lot of things I will not disclose in public.

I remember making mistake after mistake and not getting it right until the sun went away for the summer�foolish boys are blinded by kkk robes disguised as witches and demons.

I do not, for the record, believe in witch craft, god, jesus, ghosts, ufos, or demons, so with that said�it�s lunch, I should get something to eat, especially since it�s a little warm here in Boston. Ain�t it Jesus?

I am going to kill the priests in 2003, watch me.

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