Oh Joy!
2002-12-17 || alice bowie
Which Edward Gorey Book Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla tomorrow night, I will present this song to the band for covering purposes, we don't do enough covers, and this is the best song written in the history of songs written:

My momma talkin' to me tryin' to tell me how to live

But I don't listen to her 'cause my head is like a sieve

My daddy, he disowned me 'cause I wear my sister's clothes

He caught me in the bathroom with a pair of pantyhose

My basketball coach, he done kicked me off the team

For wearin' high-heel sneakers and actin' like a queen

The world's comin' to an end, I don't even care

As long as I can have a limo and my orange hair

And it don't bother me if people think I'm "funny"

'Cause I'm a big rock star and I'm makin' lots of money

money, money, money, money, money, money

before & after