Oh Joy!
2002-12-05 || got sperm?
soundtrack � Christina Aguilara � Relaxin with the Christina Aguilara Quintet

This Benadryl/Marijuana/Espresso hangover is not helping anyone here at work today. I bought some lip balm shit on the way to work today. I�m not a faggot or anything, I just had dry lips for the first time in quite a while. This stuff reminds me of my ex-girlfriend Emily. She used to wear this shit all the time.

So now, when I put it on, I feel like I�m making out with my ex-girlfriend from 10 years ago. How exciting. Funny how things remind you of things. Lip Medex reminds me of Emily. The Outback Steakhouse reminds me of Reina. Playing Tony Hawk on the video game system reminds me of Angela. The bible reminds me of being fucked in the ass (no facial!) as a little boy. Imagine the nerve of the men! I wonder what the percentage of child rapists who give facials is. Is there some sort of code among child rapists that says �never give facials, it�s degrading�? Are there gentlemen child rapists that give the kid a paper towel? Personally, I would rather it just be left inside me, facials for one thing ARE degrading. And everyone knows that brief uncomfortable feeling when you have to balance yourself on your back or stomach until a wiping device is made available. Perhaps I will poll child molesters and rapists.

I�m going home early today. this sucks.

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