Oh Joy!
2002-12-06 || welcome to chicago, now go home
soundtrack � yes � relayer

so after a few hours of playing the video game system and murdering men and women over and over, I decided to go to sleep. NyQuil and marijuana made me a tad bit giddy. Upon falling asleep I had some fucked up dreams.

First one, this guy Jay we know from around the way had me go this house�and actually forget it, that is a boring dream and nothing really happens

did you imagine getting bit by the snake lords?

did you answer that question you motherfucking cocksucker!

I hope you get killed I hope you get killed I want eveuyrione to get fucking killed fuck you ufku you!

I waill put a shotgun in my mouth tomorrow night on new years ever nad blow my fucking head all over you r pretty little party dress dson�t

don�t ever fucking come here again or I will tell them all you!! yes you

I put the fagit and then I put this on it

I will kill this fagit if he looks at me

I killed gafaots!

I kill fagit!

fucking aids infestced fucking faggot rapeist!

before & after