Oh Joy!
2002-12-03 || the snow is falling like dried flakes of cum from the beard of Christ
soundtrack � bo diddley

fuck man I can�t go out tonight because I have all this work to do at home they�re like so mean to me and shit man! fuck authority man. it seems that the higher ups don�t give a fuck about nothing man. yeah and cops too man, cops are evil man. fuck, just the other night my friends and I were getting fucked up in the woods and the cops came and told us to leave. they didn�t have to be assholes about it! I don�t know why cops, parents and teachers don�t fucking know shit man. like one night I was like totally at the mall and like the security guy tells my friends and I we can�t hang out in the food pavilion area. fuck man, my friend tim was drinking a coke he got. he just doesn�t like us because we dress �different�. fuck that man. I dress like this because I am an individual. I wear these boots because I want to, not because I have anything to prove. fuck my friends and I all wear these boots because we all want to look different. we look conformity in the face and spit in its face. fuck conformity. one night it was really cold and I forgot my boots and my friend john had a second pair that I could wear for the walk down town. that night was cool we pulled fire alarms and listened to punk music on his boom box. we listened to like all sorts of fucking alternative shit like tool and rage against the machine. shit that tells society to fuck off and let us do what we want! fuck. I am going to quit school next year I think I don�t need to get an education. I can get a job at the shop where Linda works, or I can make money making punk shirts like I�ve been doing. who needs money anyway? it�s another corporate tool that society tells you is necessary. cops tell you this too. whenever they kick us out of the park, or the woods, they tell us to get jobs. who the fuck are these cops to tell us what to do. just because we�re not some fucking football player like their kids and we look different they think we don�t have our shit together. I think if these motherfuckers were to take the time out to get to know us they would realize we have our shit together and we shouldn�t be fucked with. we are everywhere.

$$$my throat hurts today, as it did when I woke up this morning. I think I am coming down with something. this happens every year very briefly. I get this little throat thing, I sit in my house for a few days and it goes away. the less you stay away from other human beings, the less of a chance you have for getting sick. contrary to popular belief it�s not from being cold. At least for me it�s not. I have this hooded sweatshirt which isn�t really helping this 13 degrees weather we are having here right now, but it�s comfortable, and I�m not spending anytime outside other than walking to and from my car. It�s the people and the germs you get from being in stores and being in bars and being in schools and being in work and breathing the breath of others. how nasty is that, you inhale all of the germs of everyone around you when you are out and about with people. I am not going out of my house ever again I don�t want to get sick. I am allergic to the outside world now. I am going to do a Howard Hughes this winter and never leave and sit in this oxygen tank and breathe fresh air. I am not going to hug anyone again or shake anyone�s hand. I don�t want anyone to look me in the eye. I don�t want anyone to think about me. I don�t want to think about anyone. If I think that humans exist, I may catch their germs and get sick. I never really thought of all this until recently. Well, I knew being around groups of people is a guaranteed invitation to sickness, but I never thought it would make me like this$$$

I was thinking this morning of making a list of my top ten records of 2002, when I realized. If I could think of 10 good records that came out this year, I wouldn�t be here writing this shit, I would be somewhere listening to them. I�ll have to give it some more thought. As of now, I can�t think of one good �new� record that came out this year. Any ideas? White people certainly didn�t do anything interesting this year. Black people haven�t done anything interesting since Marvin Gaye died, and anyone who tells me hip-hop is a valid form of music then they can suck my gigantic black cock. It's big, it's black, and it's rock hard.

I do like that new Jay-Z CD, even though I sold it already.

Do you think that when Josef Mengele pulled the gold teeth from his victims at the concentration camps he said "bling-bling"?

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