Oh Joy!
2002-09-20 || james spader, and his cock
Soundtrack � brad mehldau � largo

This cd has put some faith back in me for modern jazz. What a range of emotion in this thing. I had read about this guy here and there but didn�t pick anything up. I decided to get this mainly because he covers Paranoid Android by Radiohead, and Dear Prudence by that Liverpool band. The original songs on it have some amazing melodies, and his piano playing is great too. Harmonically, it�s like Bill Evans, with even more of a classical slant to it. Great production on this record too. I highly recommend this shit.

So I just read some more stuff about the HIV muppet that I talked about a little while ago. Apparently, in South Africa, on Sesame Street, they have an HIV positive muppet. Here he is:

I think this is great, and I think this opens up opportunities to other muppets they could have:

1) the Leprosy Muppet � what a way to learn subtraction!

2) the Junkie Muppet � this muppet would teach children not to fear needles, yet also show them how to make money at the pawn shop from �things I took from grandma�s house�

3) The Trendy muppet � this would be a minor character, and it would only be fun because it would have a little spiked belt on, maybe some silly mod haircut, and a messenger bag.

I spent the day in the warehouse today. Unfortunately, I wore the wingtip shoes I�ve had for a few years, and I must say. Fuck. Never stand on a cement floor for 8 hours with those kinds of shoes. My feet feel like assholes right now. Tomorrow I have to do the same thing again. I am going to wear some sneakers and maybe some pajamas or something comfortable. How about those orange and blue sauconies that Aarne has, and some plaid pajamas? Today I told one of the old black women in the warehouse that this guy I was working with was a �damn cracker�. She thought it was funny.

Any time a movie with Gina Gershon comes on, I need to find a shotgun. Who�s cock did she have to suck to get all these movie parts? Even though she�s a shitty actress, if Gina Gershon wants to suck my cock, I will see if I can get her a movie part somewhere. James Spader too. That guy is the best actor in the world, as well as the worst actor in the world at the same time. I wonder if Gina Gershon ever sucked James Spader�s cock? I wonder if James Spader ever sucked Gina Gershon�s cock? I wonder if James Spader has a cock? Wasn�t he impotent in that Sex, Lies, and Videotape movie? �Blaine?? Sounds like a major kitchen appliance!� Ducky.

Rehearsal was good tonight. We made some noise for a long time, and then worked on a few new songs. We now have 5 new songs in the works. One we came up with while improvising tonight. I had some words on a piece of paper for a song, and a new song was born called Diane Keaton and the other new one is called �Say Sorry to Nina�

Oh, it�s 2:30.

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