Oh Joy!
2002-09-21 || jean, you left your bible over here
Soundtrack � miles davis � bitches brew

I will listen to this record over and fucking over until I know it even more by heart. I can�t seem to grow tired of it. I�ve been trying to find the correct music to get into right now, or get more into rather. I�ve been playing free jazz a lot. I can�t deal with the fucking melodies and the singing and this and that.

We may go to Philadelphia again next month for a weekend, and then, I think I am going to take off for a week or so. I keep saying this, but it�s been 2 years now since I took one of those solo road trips. I love doing it. It�s a good test of my patience, and a test of my sanity from time to time that works. I�ve done it a lot in the past 10 years or so now. I like to think that I have just as good a time as any time with other people with me. I think everyone should do it from time to time. Unfortunately, most of my friends, except for maybe Dan and Stefanie, need people around them at all times it seems. I don�t understand this really, I go crazy if I don�t get at least a couple of �days off� a week. It�s also funny as all of the boys and girls I know are these pessimistic �I hate everyone� people, yet they couldn�t spend a whole day without talking if you offered them a million dollars. �I hate people� is probably one of the most ridiculous things a person can say< I know, as I say it, and then I read it again and see how much of a fucking moron I sound like. I feel different, and apart. Maybe because I don�t really tell them what�s going on. I mean I tell my friends what�s happening on the surface sort of, but they don�t getthe details, and where people I know in real life read this, I�m certainly not going to get to into anything here.

Mu eyes get heavy now- I just fell asleep for 20 minutes after writing then that

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