Oh Joy!
2001-08-30 || do not pass go, do not even fucking think about it
Soundtrack � miles davis � Round about midnight

Bob Hope is sick in the hospital. He is 98 years old they said. Is that really true? I thought they were lying, as he doesn�t look a day younger than 120. Anyway, that�s too bad. I liked the guy when I was younger, and he was in his 80�s probably. He looks like hell though.

The band is on �hiatus� right now, whatever that means. I guess it means the drummer is on vacation, and we are stuck waiting for him to return. I believe we will start writing some great stuff soon, as the newer stuff we have been doing has been good. Plus the guitar lessons have helped me immensely. Just learning different things I was doing that make subtle differences are coming to light. I�ve been playing for a little over ten years I guess seriously, but didn�t know much about the thing technically. I can play anything by ear it seems, but I want to get over the same plateau everyone gets to on the guitar. Anyway, we now have a third guitar player as well. Well, not really, I bought this thing �the loop station� that can act as another guitar in a way. It should be nice now. If we can get Dan to change his goddamned strings, and Breaux to remove the stickers from his bass drum, we will be even more unstoppable!

Tomorrow we see Club D�elf again. Three weeks in a row! I told JDG the other night that �I need to get them out of my fucking head�. The last week and a half I think we�ve both been listening to them over and over, talking about them, going to see them, talking to them, driving them home, telling people about them, telling people about how we go see them. I think we forgot the whole reason we are friends in the first place, Phish. Just kidding : -)

I need to start reading again. It�s been a hell of a long time. There was a time when I was reading all those jazz biographies and �beat� writers, etc. But I have slowed down. I bought a book called �Dhalgren� last week that I am going start this weekend I think. One blurb on the back used the word �Joyceian� or something to that effect. The beginning does look similar to Ulysses when I browsed it. It looks good to me anyway. William Gibson wrote the introduction as well, so�

Okay, I�m being �boring guy� I should be talking pedestrian crap about vegetarians or �liberals�, etc. Off like a mosquito repellent.

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