Oh Joy!
2001-08-27 || Lost in the Wheels of Confusion

Soundtrack � the sound of your teeth against my aluminum softball bat

So it was a good weekend.I did a good amount of driving, so that�s good. On Friday I went with JDG and Eric to see Club D�elf who we go see every other Thursday here in Cambridge. They were playing way out in western Massachusetts. Eric was going to record the show, as he does with all of their shows. The drive up was nice, I like hitting the Berkshires. Unfortunately, when we got there I developed the worst headache I�ve ever had�The show was great though. The band was appreciative of us coming from Boston to see them out there. We gave one of the guys a ride back to Boston, Brahim, which was cool. He�s played with some amazing people like Peter Gabriel, and Hassan Houkman. He told us some stories of growing up in Morocco and playing music in the street, etc. Meanwhile, I was literally falling asleep at the wheel, so we pulled over at almost every rest area so I could get some energy. I did make it back, and got home and crawled into bed with an already asleep Angela at 6 am�to wake up at 8 and go back to work. We see the band again this Thursday. I could see them every week and I wouldn�t get sick of it. I�d recommend them to anyone who is into improvisational music.

So it looks like I now know about two or three people that have fallen into the �Wheels of confusion�, regarding women. Not that I am a pro on relationships, but I know one thing, once you break up with someone, getting back together with them is usually a waste of time. If it didn�t work the first time, it�s not going to work a second time, third, tenth, etc. It�s a shame to see people fall weak to their minds and have to resort to silliness like this: �i'm in rough shape today. how do people get through this, this is torture. last night was really bad, the other night wasn't as bad. i can't wait to see how i'm feeling next week. god i hope it gets better.� Shit, if you can�t handle being alone, you need some help. Come on boys! It�s one thing to be depressed you don�t have a girlfriend/boyfriend, but it�s another to whine constantly about girls and this and that. I don�t want to hear it personally. It�s every man for himself here. My advice to any boy or girl who is feeling particularly desperate is: Deal with it, be a fucking man/woman. You�re better off alone. Anyway, advice from me, is the last thing anyone needs I guess.

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