Oh Joy!
2001-08-24 || i'm writin poems and shit now, i'm a deep mother fucker
I�ve decided to start writing poetry now, here we go:

�Moon of a thousand years�

Moon of a thousand years

You have shined upon my frown

Moon of a thousand hearts

I�m left breathless on the ground

�Fire of your soul�

The fire of your soul

Is hot

The fire of your soul

Makes me feel like

I�m on fire

�Lonely Moon�

Oh lonely moon

You reflect light on my frown

Please lonely moon

I am down

�Heart Shatter�

When I am inside you

I feel like I am inside a heart

A heart of glass

That will shatter my soul

Fragments of my life

All over the floor

�Your Eyes�

Your eyes

Hypnotize my soul

Like a Moonlit light on the beach

Like a voyage on a unicorn

Across the eons of your soul

�Fire of Love�

The Fire burns me

My fire burns you

Let us burn

In a ceremonial bonfire of Passion and Eroticism

�Heart to Heart�

My heart is attached to you

My heart longs for your touch

Your heart is burning with fire

The fire that burns in your heart

Is like the fire that burns in my heart

Because the fire in my heart is so strong

It will never go out

�Wine and Roses�

We drank wine and

ate Roses

We love each other

�Soul of magic�

My soul of magic

It will make you disappear

It will perform illusions in your heart

My heart of magic

Will create the planets of passion and eroticism

�Eyes that Gaze�

Eyes that gaze

along the sand

take my heart

take my hand

Eyes that hurt

eyes that feel

my eyes are closed

your heart is real

�Unicorn of 1000 fantasies�

I�ve rode the unicorn of 1000 fantasies

I�ve tasted the wine of the gods

I�ve hung with the wizards

I�ve rode the unicorn

Across skies filled with lightning

And flying wizards

�Mountain of desire�

I will climb the mountain

The mountain of desire

You are on the mountain

Of desire

before & after