Oh Joy!
2001-08-16 || get on the boat dude, get on the boat and shit, come on
Soundtrack � cave in � jupiter�..as well as your mother in the other room

It�s hot as piss outside right now. I�m getting sick of this hot ass motherfucking weather now. I think the main reason I am getting sick of it is motherfuckers bitch and piss and fucking moan over and over about shit all fucking day. Now I got another single mother fucker in my band. As if I don�t have enough of these newly single ass motherfuckers around me. It�s like DEAL WITH IT. You ain�t getting laid right now, big fucking deal. Move on with your non-heterosexual self and get a life. It makes a guy like me upset when I see another man not able to deal with being alone. Don�t you dudes know you can now have sex with as many hookers as you can? Take advantage of that shit motherfucker! Stop fucking whining about women and men. Motherfucker.

I�m excited to say that Roger Miller of Mission of Burma is sitting in with Club D�elf tonight! Keyboards. Why don�t that motherfucker pick up a guitar again�like a real dude?

So I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. You gotta hate the motherfucking doctor. Putting all sorts of shit in you and on you. Giving you shots and shit. I don�t mind getting shots really, obviously because I have had sex with women, that is why I don�t mind getting shots in my arm. I haven�t been to the doctor in like 8 years. I had a motherfucking check up before I went to college to learn more about the English language. Can you tell I learned shit at college about the English language and shit? Of course a motherfucker did. Anyway, I hate doctors, I don�t want to know I�m about to die. I�d rather just figure it out some day. My theory is, you go to the doctor, you die. It�s like airplanes and boats. Motherfuckers, let me say that motherfuckers that go up in planes are lucky. Motherfuckers get killed in airplanes and shit. I haven�t been on one of those fucking things in years, and I highly doubt I ever will again, now that I know that if you go on an airplane, you�re bound to crash into a fucking mountain or into the ocean, what a fucking bitch ass way that would be to die. Same with dudes that go on boats, they don�t know it, but a boat could sink, killing every motherfucker on the boat. Imagine that shit? Motherfucker.

I need to get some motherfucking lunch in me, this writing shit is for non-heterosexuals.

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