Oh Joy!
2001-08-16 || the Rick Wakeman Mothership flight plan
Soundtrack � ringing ears

We had a good motherfucking practice tonight. We did 4 jams or so, and they were all way the fuck out there. That little motherfucker Aarne even liked it, that dude usually don�t like anything without a skirt on. Bass players are a funny breed. I think they�re generally just jealous that they don�t get as much pussy as guitar players. Drummers are even worse, them motherfuckers probably get jealous over motherfucking keyboard players. Imagine being a keyboard player. Motherfucker. Them dudes all have mullets and wear vests and shit. The only keyboard player is Rick Wakeman. That dude flies through the sky in a jogging suit attached to keyboards and shit. The motherfucking mother ship has arrived, and the motherfucker Rick Wakeman is at the wheel. Watch it bitch! (actually, the only keyboard player is Bud Powell as I�ve mentioned a million times in this motherfucker. Unfortunately, some pig motherfuckers hit old Bud over the head with a nightstick while him and Monk were chilling at some after hours jazz club causing Bud to have these chronic headaches, and depressions. Not to mention that woman he was married to who basically used him for cash while she was fucking all these other motherfuckers, leaving Bud locked up and shit. Fuck a Bud Powell hating motherfucker!)

My eyes are like two motherfuckers right now, I need to shut the motherfuckers now.

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